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Organic Coconut Pita Bread

Organic Coconut Pita Bread

Free from sugar, grain and dairy.

Keto, low carb, vegetarian, organic. 


You can use this for sandwich wraps, tortillas, flatbread for dipping sauces or even a quick pizza.  It's keto, low carb, paleo, gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free and vegan so is suitable for most diets.

It's also another great use of psyllium husk powder in a grain-free bread recipe and is very easy to make too. Since psyllium and coconut flour is high in fibre this bread is quite filling. Make sure you drink enough water, but not for 30mins before or after you eat to aid with digestion.

Not only is this coconut flour flatbread gluten-free, it is a great vegan option as it is also egg-free. Thanks to the psyllium husk powder it binds the bread without having to need an egg, so there is no "eggy" after taste that some low carb bread contain. 


  • Large mixing bowl
  • Rolling pin
  • Fork
  • Spatula 
  • Non-stick Tefal crepe or pancake pan
  • Parchment/baking paper 


  • 2 tablespoons pure psyllium husk 
  • 1/2 cup organic coconut flour fine (no lumps)
  • 1/2 cup lukewarm filtered water
  • 1 tablespoon organic extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda 
  • 1/4 teaspoon pink Himalayan salt (optional)

    All the above ingredients can be found both online and in our store located at 47 Maroubra Road, Maroubra. 



    • In a medium mixing bowl, combine the psyllium husk and coconut flour (if lumps are in your flour use a fork to smash them BEFORE measuring the flour, the amount must be precise).
    • Add in the lukewarm water (use tap water about 40°C bath temperature), olive oil, and baking soda. Give a good stir with a spatula, then use your hands to knead the dough. Add salt now if you want. I never add the salt in contact with baking soda to avoid deactivating the leavening agent.
    • Knead for 1 minute. The dough is moist and it gets softer and slightly dryer as you go. It should come together easily to form a dough as in the picture. If not, too sticky, add more husk, 1/2 teaspoon at a time, knead for 30 sec and see how it goes. The dough will always be a bit moist but it shouldn't stick to your hands at all. It must come together as a dough.
    • Set aside 10 minutes in the mixing bowl.
    • Now the dough must be soft, elastic and hold well together, it's ready to roll.


    • Cut the dough into 4 even pieces, roll each piece into a small ball.
    • Place one of the dough balls between two pieces of parchment paper, press the ball with your hand palm to stick it well to the paper, and start rolling with a rolling pin as thin as you like bread. The bread dough is 20 cm diameter (8 inches) and should make 6 flatbread with this recipe.
    • Unpeel the first layer of parchment paper from your flatbread. Use a lid to cut out round flatbread. Keep the outside dough to reform a ball and roll more flatbread - that is how you make 2 extra flatbread from the 4 balls above.


    • Warm a non-stick Tefal crepe or pancake pan under medium/high heat- or use any non-stick pan of your choice, the one you would use for your pancakes. 
    • Add one teaspoon of olive oil or vegetable oil of your choice onto a piece of absorbent paper. Rub the surface of the pan to make sure it is lightly oiled. Don't leave any drops of oil or the bread will fry! 
    • Flip over the flatbread on the hot pan and peel off carefully the last piece of parchment paper.  
    • Cook for 2-3 minutes on the first side, flip over using a spatula and cook for 1-2 more minutes on the other side. 
    • Cool the flatbread down on a plate and use as a sandwich wrap later or enjoy hot as a side dish. I recommend a drizzle of olive oil, crushed garlic, and herbs before serving! (optional but delish!)
    • Repeat the rolling, cooking for the next 3 flatbread. Make sure you rub the oiled absorbent paper onto the saucepan each time to avoid the bread to stick to the pan.
    • Store in the pantry in an airtight box or on a plate covered with plastic wrap to keep them soft, for up to 3 days.
    • Rewarm in the same pan or if you want to give them a little crisp rewarm in the hot oven on a baking sheet for 1-2 minutes at 150C. 

    Other Information

    Recipe size: You can make approximately 6 flatbreads with this recipe, Simply reuse the border of the 4 flatbreads cut into a round shape to reform 2 extra flatbreads. Feel free to double up the recipe to make more flatbread.

    Storage: Store in the pantry up to 3 days onto a plate covered with plastic wrap to keep them soft or in the fridge for up to 5 days.

    Rewarm tips: they are softer when cold and stored a few days. I rewarm mine in the pan or in a hot oven or if I make a sandwich wrap, in a toaster press.

    Freeze: you can freeze them as you will freeze regular flatbread. Rewarm in the oven or in a sandwich toaster to give them a little crisp.

    Net carbs are carbs minus fibre: 2.6 g net carbs per flatbread in this recipe.