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BioHax is moving to The Shire & will continue to sell everything except produce until we relocate
Biohax Organics

Your One-Stop, Certified Organic Store

Food is medicine and at BioHax Organics, we can 'Hack Your Biology' by providing anti-inflammatory products to repair your body at a cellular level to help fight and prevent diseases.

Exclusive Dragons Blood (Sap Liquid)

Direct from Peru!

And we’re not talking about the actual blood of a dragon here, but rather the blood-red colour resin from a dragon tree (Croton Lechleri) that has incredible healing properties. Dragons blood has been used in the medicine world for centuries, originating from a tree found in the Amazon, and is still used today through herbalists and traditional Chinese medicine.

Skin Care

Pure Emu Oil

A natural bush medicine that the Australian Aboriginal people have used for thousands of years, called the “sacred oil”… Emu Tracks Pure Emu Oil is 100% natural with no added preservatives.

Biohax Organics

Enhance Your Immunity, Skin & Kitchen!

The essential oils we offer channel age-old traditions into contemporary applications, delivering therapeutic advantages and a rich sensory journey.

Immunity Delivered to Your Door!

At BioHax Organics we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. And
through our own personal health issues, we’ve found a way to heal
naturally and maintain this disease-free way of life. 90% of our
products are Australian-made, derived from organic origins and are
anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiparasitic.

Why People Love BioHax Organics

I have tried every bone broth on the market, Biohax Australia's Hybrid of it 'Stock Broth' is my favorite. Their Stock Broths are wonderful and their customer service is outstanding. I was surprised that it was affordable at first and then realized they have the best value considering the quality and the density of nutrients in it. I will be buying only from Biohax Australia.
Carli Holmes
Hey mate, just wanted to write you a review to thank you for helping us get through this detox to reduce inflammation in our bodies. Katie and myself are so happy with the results and our new lease on life. Thanks again and I'd recommend it to everyone!
Mitchell Anderson
The Stock Broth Detox was incredible. what I like a lot about this detox is they give you 12 broths to last you 7 days and it's great if you are used to eating 3 times a day. I started by having one broth in the morning then in afternoon for the first couple of days then went into have 1 broth a day. It is a very nutritious meal you get and you start to notice you have more brain power to get work done late at night. There are a variety of other benefits I have had and I want to thank Biohax Australia helping me hack my life.
Alexander Smith
Certified Organic

Bone Broth, Stews & Soups

Our mission is to help people perform at optimal levels by reintroducing
ancient natural healing methods mixed in with science and modern
technology, which is proven by clinical trials and research documents
published by industry leaders in the medical profession.

100% Pure

Raw Minerals and Supplements

Biohax Organics' Raw Minerals and Supplements are your trusted source for all-natural, certified organic solutions. We're committed to promoting vitality and wellness by providing the purest, highest-quality raw minerals and nutritional supplements.