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Sumo Salad Takes Over Coles. And By "Take Over" We Mean The Deli Section of Coles.

Sumo Salad Takes Over Coles. And By "Take Over" We Mean The Deli Section of Coles.

Lukey Baylis, CEO of Sumo Salad, has seized the opportunity to take control of the entire Coles Deli section located in their flagship, Westfield Eastgardens store.

For the first time ever, Sumo Salad, serve 5 million customs nutritious take away meals each year), will now also be available in the Deli section of Coles Eastgardens Pagewood in Sydney, with a 10-week trial that commenced Monday, February 4.

The local Sumo Salad franchise will be managing and running all deli salads during the trial, with plans to make it a permanent fixture if the trial is a success. This is history in the making as it is the first time Coles has invited an external brand to manage the Deli Salads in one of their stores.  

Picture: Commando Steve, Jerone Fleming (Fit By Six), Joel Costello, Luke Bayliss

An event was held last Saturday, 30 April to promote the launch of this new partnership between Coles and Sumo Salad. Commando Steve, Australia's most recognised and respected fitness expert is also ambassador for Sumo Salad and was MC for the event, which included free personal training sessions, food sampling, book signing and photo opportunities.

“We are delighted to provide our customers with easier access to Sumo Salad classics during their weekly shop. It’s great to see the positive reaction and we are looking forward to developing this opportunity further.” said Sumo Salad CEO, Luke Baylis

The trial has already generated an overwhelmingly positive response, with Sumo Salad and Coles beginning discussions on the possibility of rolling out the range in more stores across Australia. 

Kim Wiggin, Development Chef and Project Manager of the trial is aiming to replicate the Sumo experience inside Coles. “ The range of leaf-based salads has been developed to give customers an authentic Sumo experience from their Coles deli.”  

The salads are made fresh in store every day, with the Deli section featuring many Sumo classics. Shoppers can mix and match up to four salads, with delicious flavour combinations and options for all dietary requirements, including keto, vegetarian, and vegan.” 

Limited Offer

“And to make the offer even better, for a limited time, customers can get 40% off any Sumo Salad with a purchase of any RSPCA approved Coles hot roast chicken.”  

Sumo Salad and Coles are both aligned with their vision to offer more healthy meal options to their customers, with excitement building for the potential long-term fixture.  

So now your toughest decision will be whether to purchase healthy take-away direct from Sumo Salad via the Food Court on Level 2 - or visit them in their new digs at the Coles Deli section for a Commando chicken cesar or a gut loving kombucha.

Both open 7-days.

Both healthy options.

Not really a tough decision.