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Broken Brain 2 Docu-Series Highlight Reel, by Dr Mark Hyman

Broken Brain 2 Docu-Series Highlight Reel, by Dr Mark Hyman

Mark Hyman, MD released his original series of 8 documentaries called “The Broken Brain.”  In this series he interviews over 50 experts who explain the sweeping epidemic of broken brains, manifesting as anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s, bipolar disorder, even traumatic brain injury, and a host of other mental disorders.

Dr Hyman is one of the worlds most recognised functional medical practitioners and is also the Medical Director at Cleveland Clinic’s Centre for Functional Medicine, Founder of The Ultra Wellness Centre, and ten-time #1 New York Times Best-selling author.

The second docu-series aptly called Broken Brain 2, goes into even more details about the food, gut, heart and brain connection.

Subtle symptoms that can lead to broken brains poor memory, poor quality of sleep, difficulty with concentration, brain fog, etc. Even if you think you are healthy, you might be ignoring these signs and could improve and optimize your well-being through awareness and action.  

He believes everything you do to your body; you do to your brain and other vital organs. That the body is an intricate designed and connective system:

“The epidemic of broken brains is not getting any better. Alzheimer’s disease will affect 30 percent (and some experts say 50 percent) of people over 85 years old. Psychiatric disorders affect 26 percent of our adult population or over 60 million Americans. These are just some of the statistics. It’s time we put a stop to this epidemic,” Dr Hyman states.

Below is an extract from the highlight reel of Broken Brain 2:

“How is it that over 26% of adults in America are suffering from a diagnosable mental disorder? Or that over the last decade depression rates rose 18% and now its estimated 322 million people around the WORLD suffer from depressive disorders? Almost 18% of Americans are affected by anxiety disorders and by all accounts – it’s on the rise especially in the younger generation. Something is very wrong here! With all the advancements in modern medicine, why are we still seeing a growing number of broken brains?

Every other part of the body affects the brain – our digestive health, hormonal health, they quality of our gut bacteria, the strength of our mitochondria, and our immune system all effects the brain. The brain and heart have always been connected and there’s constant messages being sent both ways, so as it turns out the heart is also a key player in how well the brain functions.

Depression is not necessarily a chemical imbalance, its caused by inflammation and any kind of systemic inflammation is going to affect every system in the body. There’s been numerous studies to show that when we’re eating a lot of refined carbohydrates and a lot of sugary foods, we’re at a much higher risk of depression and anxiety but were also able to see negative changes in the brain. We also know that we can ramp up the inflammatory process in our body by just eating one meal!

So often my patients ask me “how can I transform my health and wake up feeling good every single day?” I tell them it takes inspiration; it takes intention and practical tools that we can use every day. I’ve lead thousands of patients to a life of joy and vibrancy and I want this for you to. I want you to wake up every single morning and give your highest gifts to the world – we’re taking a hands-on approach to brain health and I know you’re going to love it!”

Register here for free viewing of this ground breaking 8-part documentary series: BrokenBrain.com.