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Getting Nude. For Charity of Course...

Getting Nude. For Charity of Course...

Hosted by Sydney Skinny & The Charlie Teo Foundation

The Sydney Skinny is Australia’s fastest growing casual, swim event. This collaboration was designed to raise money for brain cancer research, where the last event in the series kicked off yesterday in Sydney harbour, at secluded Cobblers Beach, Middle Head.

Members of the community and corporate heads whipped off their suits and professional attire to brave the torrential rain and dived deep to raise money for the Charlie Teo Foundation.

This year, just over $65,000 was raised by swimmers that will help assist in the search for a cure to this devastating disease, which is now the number one cancer taking the lives of Aussie children. 

The Sydney Skinny was created as a life affirming and uplifting event which celebrates the good things in life - courage, acceptance and community. Despite the weather, event participants continued to express their love and gratitude for the event.

“The Skinny is never about being seen nude or seeing anyone else nude. Instead, it is about leaving all pretences behind, kick-starting a new and exciting chapter in life and focusing on the things that unite us; like kindness, friendship, adventure, laughter, diversity, charity, and above all, joy,” Founder Nigel Marsh said.

Returning once again as the charity partner for the Sydney Skinny is Australian neurosurgeon Charlie Teo, founder of The Charlie Teo Foundation, which raises funding for brain cancer research.

Professor Teo relates the swim to the experience that his patients endure in their treatments with him “For people like you and me who don’t have brain cancer to get out of their comfort zone for one day, is not a big ask.”

This marks the end of the seventh Sydney Skinny with over 1500 participants who joined in for the fun.

Eating anti-inflammatory foods, lots of vegetables, fruit, healthy fats and not feeding cancer the sugar it needs to thrive and creating an alkaline environment is paramount to reactive and preventative measures for this deadly disease.

If you’re feeling kind of generous today, you can also donate direct to the Charlie Teo Foundation by clicking on this hyperlink.

More About The Charlie Teo Foundation

“The Charlie Teo Foundation was officially launched in March 2018 to shake-up the way brain cancer research is funded in Australia.

Charlie Teo is a global neurosurgeon, in demand across all continents for his willingness to offer surgery to those who have been given no hope. He devotes 3 months of every year for pro bono surgery in developing countries.

Charlie’s determination and inspiration to make a difference comes from his patients. Every day they teach him extraordinary hope and courage.

Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease and more Australians under 40 than any other cancer, yet the survival rate has increased just 1% over the past 30 years.

The Charlie Teo Foundation is working hard to change those numbers by running a low cost, lean and efficient charity. Charlie thinks outside the box to maximise the funding of innovative brain cancer research that has not traditionally been funded or supported. Together with Charlie’s incredibly loyal community of supporters, the Charlie Teo Foundation is fundraising big in the fight against brain cancer.”