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BioHax is moving to The Shire & will continue to sell everything except produce until we relocate

Become a Supplier

Are you an Australian manufacturer, distributor, producer or importer that have an amazing product you’d like to share with our customers?

BioHax Organics promotes only the best-in peak performance foods, organic wellness products and supplements with an ever-growing list of offerings – nothing is out of scope provided it meets the below criteria.

Our Core Values

Food Source: We aim to ensure everything we promote can be traced back to the source of its ingredients. Our customers want to know what they’re putting in their bodies. Natural products not only nourish the body, but they also nourish the soul.

Australian Made: Our preference is to support Australian-made products, but we also understand that this is not always possible due to environmental and access factors.

Toxin-Free: We like to view all the relevant tests and organic certificates with regard to food. We promote strict organic, sustainable & GMO-free products, including gluten-free, raw, paleo and vegan values.

Ethical & Sustainable: Animal-based foods must come from suppliers that practice humane treatment of their herds, flocks, etc.
Packaging your products in biodegradable containers or glass recyclable jars is essential.

Community Involvement: We believe in positively supporting our community in some way and resonate with the idea of "giving back."

Nutritional Changes: Independently lab-verified nutritional claims are preferred.

Product Promotion:

We take this very seriously, as our reputation is your reputation. We will care for your brand and product every step of the way through the marketing and sales process.

Our sales team is constantly managing accounts and have all your channels covered

We understand the competitive space that is health and wellness along with the trends and challenges to help promote your brand and provide a healthy turn-over.

If you are looking to work with a like-minded partner and interested in becoming a BioHax Organics Supplier, we’d love to hear from you.

Email hello@biohax.com.au to brief us on your product or alternatively, feel free to give us a call on 0467 221 791.