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BREAKING NEWS: Hobart first to ban single-use plastics

BREAKING NEWS: Hobart first to ban single-use plastics

BREAKING NEWS: Hobart first to ban single-use plastics

Hobart City Council have now paved the way by setting a precedent for the rest of Australia to ban single-use plastics by 2020, including takeaway food containers, coffee cups, plastic lids and straws.

City of Hobart councillors voted 8-4 in favour of a by-law on Monday night to support the ban and further impose fines for those who do not comply.

Councillor Bill Harvey lead the initiative stating Hobart City Council had to set the bar for other local governments to address and follow suit.

Hobart will now go down in history as the first capital city in Australia to ban single-use plastics, targeting petroleum-based plastics, utensils and packets used for sauces and condiments.

"What that says is that we're serious about leading by example and we're a council that takes the initiative, that makes bold decisions, and this is one of those decisions that will have impacts for councils across Australia," he said. "We've set a precedent that now hopefully many other councils will follow." – SBS.

There is now a statutory process to follow, which includes a 21-day public consultation to be set in motion before the by-law can be acted upon.

Environment Tasmania Director, Philip Cocker said the ban was a small but significant step in environmental sustainability for the city. "I am sure all Hobart businesses will be able to implement the by-law with positive effects on their businesses," he said in a statement.

In addition to this, Hobart City Council have also written to Elise Archer, Environment Minister, to request a state-wide plastic ban by the state government.