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Australian Body Builder Kwame Duah on being Competition Ready with Nutrition

Australian Body Builder Kwame Duah on being Competition Ready with Nutrition

The Fitness Show is once again returning in 2019 for its 14th consecutive year running and brings together some of Australia’s biggest fitspo celebrity names, including fitness and wellness brands all under the one roof! The event promotes the latest in fitness education, technology, healthy foods, sports nutrition, group fitness and fitness apparel.

Nationally, Australia has a huge appetite for health and wellness, with research indicating that by 2022/23 the fitness industry revenue will grow by an annual 1.8% to $2.4 billion, currently at $2.2 billion.

Growing at equally staggering rates is also our inability to consume enough nutrition. Official figures show a huge 96% of all Australians eat less than half their recommended daily intake of vegetables an prefer to eat unhealthy options such as cakes, biscuits, take away, chocolate, soft drinks and alcohol.

So what is required to make that transformation into a healthy diet or take it even further to perhaps one day compete and be a world champion bodybuilder?

Introducing Multi State, National, International and World Champion Bodybuilder Kwame Duah who has completed a degree in Nutrition and Food Science, combines theory and practice when planning out his daily meals, allowing him to maintain his lean physique all year round.

Kwame has reaped the rewards of his hard work with not only having a healthy 323,300 followers on Instagram, but continues to build on his successful business by training others how to be healthy on the inside, as well as the outside.

Kwame, who resides in Adelaide, began competing in body builder competitions as a teenager in 2011, while also completing his degree and from there developed an online training program in real time that has helped his clients transform their lives. In 2014 he became the youngest natural body builder to achieve professional status with Muscle Mania and has featured in national and international magazines.  

We asked the question, what does Kwame consume on a daily basis to remain competition ready, “Macros (energy or calories on the food) play a big role in my diet. I personally like to eat meals high in carbohydrates and protein, and lower in fat.”

Here is a breakdown of Kwame’s meals:

  • 70-80% of whole foods with a variety of Macro sources.
  • Proteins – Eggs, fish, kangaroo, lean beef, lean turkey, chicken breast.
  • Fats – Avocado, nuts, seeds, MCT oils.
  • Carbohydrates – Rice, sweet potato, brown pasta, quinoa and oats.

Kwame continued “I also ensure that I am getting my micro nutrients as they play an essential role in

overall health, muscle building, weight loss, and strength. Additional health foods like green tea, apple cider vinegar, and lemon water are also something I add to my daily routine. If I have a goal of losing weight and hunger strikes, I focus on having more calorie dilute foods that help to keep me fuller for longer.”

You can meet Kwame along with other successful bodybuilders and fitness influences at The Fitness Show Expo Friday, 12 April through to Sunday 14 April by booking your tickets online here.

The event is open to trade and general public from 10am-5pm daily at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour. The Fitness Show will also be held in Brisbane and Melbourne. Check their website for details.