Cheddar Cheese 200g (Organic) Symons Organic Dairy Co.

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Cheddar Cheese 200 & 500g (Organic) Symons Organic Dairy Co.

Organic Cheddar 200g

This cheese is produced according to traditional cheddar making techniques. It has a moist and creamy texture and a delicate yet full flavour. According to the Symons cheesemakers, organic milk produces a particularly sweet and clean tasting cheese. Our cheddar is matured for at least 6 months before being released and is made using vegetarian rennet. It makes a cracking cheese toastie, especially when combined with a good organic sourdough.



Australian Organic Milk (96%) Salt, Starter Cultures, Non-animal Rennet.

About the Producer

Bruce Symons – a third-generation milkman – believes organic farming is the most healthy and sustainable approach. Bruce and his family have been committed organic food consumers for more than a decade. He wants to make organic dairy products more accessible to all and has relaunched the Symons Dairy brand as a range of organic dairy products.

The Symons Dairy brand ceased in the late 1990’s in the push for rationalisation of brands by Big Business. The Symons are committed to organic food because they recognise that the whole system is connected – soil, plants, animals, food, people, and, not least, the environment.

We know that people are drawn to organic food for a variety of reasons, ranging from superior taste through to concerns about contamination and environmental sustainability. All our milk is from farms, processors and products that are Certified Organic. This means they are audited and comply with a set of strict regulations known as standards which define what we can and can’t do.

If you’re interested, you can obtain a copy of the Organic Standards HERE.

n Australia, organic certification is performed by several organisations that are accredited by the Department of Agriculture (formerly DAFF / AQIS) under the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce.  Currently there are 6 registered DAFF accredited certifying bodies, you can see them HERE.

We chose AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd as our organic certifier for their integrity and long experience as professional auditors of Quality Management Systems to the food industry.




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