Activated Almond Milk Unsweetened (ACO) Pureharvest 1L

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Activated Almond Milk Unsweetened (ACO) 1L

Pureharvest Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk is a delicious fully flavoured non-dairy milk made with 7% activated organic almonds. It is a great substitute for people who cannot tolerate dairy or soy milk. Their organic almonds are soaked in the traditional manner. By soaking the nut, they begin the germination process which helps bring the 'nut to life'.

  • No Added Sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • Egg Free
  • Low Sodium
  • Cane Sugar Free
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Vegan

Pureharvest Almond Milk contains up to four times the number of almonds than some other brands. Because of the large number of almonds Pureharvest does not enhance the flavour of their milk with the use of artificial flavours. Unlike other brands Pureharvest Unsweetened Almond Milk does not contain any added sugar and they do not use any artificial preservatives, gums or thickeners.

This unsweetened Almond Milk is soy and lecithin free, making it a great alternative to both dairy and soy milks.

Growing & Processing

The organic almonds are activated are soaked in filtered water to begin the germination and sprouting process.

Why has my non-dairy Milk separated? Is it safe to drink?

Sometimes our non-dairy milks will separate, curdle or coagulate. If the product has degraded and gone off then it will be obvious by the off-smell. Separation can also occur when the product is fine, this can be caused by a high enzyme load in the product prior to UHT treatment, with some enzymes not being disabled by the UHT process. These enzymes can then cause quality damage over time in the product.

Non-dairy milks can also seperate in tea and coffee due to the pH levels in the tea or coffee affecting the composition of the milks. Both of these issues generally only affect a very small percentage of the batch, and are usually concentrated around the same packing time.

Other manufacturers use preservatives to overcome these consistency issues but as our product is organic, we do not add any preservatives (emulsifiers, stabilisers etc). This separation phenomenon relates to the quality of the product, and is not a food safety issue. The product is completely safe to drink and should not cause any illness or side effects if consumed.

If your milk has separated and you are unsatisfied with your purchase simply contact our customer service for a replacement or refund.


Our almond milks are more expensive than our other non-dairy alternatives because the organic almonds from which the product is made are a relatively expensive product.

We use 10% whole activated organic almonds in our Almond Milk and 7% whole activated organic almonds in our Unsweetened Almond Milk. This provides the milks with a deliciously creamy texture without the use of thickeners or additives.


The water used in our products is fluoridated local town water. This water is filtered through sand and active carbon filters. This filtering process filters out all microbial load (organisms) and chlorine but allows most of the minerals to remain. Fluoride is not entirely removed by this filtration method. The most effective way of removing fluoride is through reverse osmosis however the resulting water is also devoid of any of the essential minerals rendering it “dead water”.


No, our packaging is BPA free.

Filtered water, organic activated almonds (7%), organic brown rice, sea salt and natural almond essence.

Not a lot of allergen advice is available for this product online. Please contact us if you have any allergen concerns. 

No peanuts are allowed onsite at their production warehouse.

Nutritional Information

Shelf stable almond milk, in addition to being ultra pasteurised, is packaged in sealed, sterile Terta Pak cartons to allow it to be stored at room temperature when it's unopened. 

Activated almond milk has a shelf life of 12 months from packing date to expiry date. The product can be stored at ambient temperature found in most kitchen pantries until opened. Once opened the almond milk needs to be stored in the refrigerator and the recommendation on the packet is for it to be consumed within 3-4 days following opening. 


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Can I request to sign for my order?

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